The One About the Awesomeness of Snow

As I was letting Simba in from his morning bathroom routine,
I looked out at my backyard and the white shiny blanket of snow
I wondered, just when exactly was it that we all went from being excited and awestruck by this stuff
To dreading it, being terrified of it, and letting it incapacitate us?
I remember forty- plus winters of cold, bad driving conditions ,etc.
It was just part of life from December through April.
Where are the skis, the snowmobiles, the snowboards, ice skates, snowmen, snow angels?
All of the things that made this time miraculous in our youth?
Why does snow have to be the enemy?
Snow is a part of life.
As long as you are living in Ohio anyway.
Learn to adapt and accept this part of life, as it has been here forever, and will most likely stay .
Stop falling for the media scare tactics predicting the next snowpocalypse, I mean Jesus, weren’t most of you around in the seventies and eighties, this ain’t shit!
Learn to adapt to things you can’t control.
Dress warmer, give yourself extra time, build a snowman with your kid (or grand kids.
But people, stop the insanity.
Change your way of thinking and dealing with the white stuff.
In the words of Jack Nicholson’s Joker in Batman
“This Town needs an enema!”

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