The One about God, Love, and Catastrophe

I don’t want anyone to feel turned off by this post at the mention of God.

So, If you’re so inclined, replace it with Energy, the Universe,etc.

The last few years seem to be a string of catastrophic WTF moments, I try to keep a self- deprecating sense of humor, but sometimes my sense of humor leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth , worse than that first bad taste of cheap whiskey you felt compelled to taste as a kid.

I believe some things were set in motion when I wrecked my car a couple of months ago.

Almost like God felt my sadness, desperation, a path overcome with obstacles.

But God loves love, and I believe he saw my struggle with true love, plagued by memories of a not so distant past that was heartbreaking, and what was once thought to be catastrophic, has resulted in a plethora of rewards that are no less than astonishing to me.

We are rewarded for faith, and we are rewarded for our faith in love and our faith in the people we love.

I know many of you are unable to see or feel that way, because of loss, grief, sickness, heartbreak, or any kind of trauma.

But I think if you really try hard enough, you will see that you are rewarded by love in some aspect of life, and that counts. No matter how monumental or how seemingly irrelevant.

I feel as though my path has been made calmer, more peaceful, and two months ago I’d never have imagined feeling that way beyond my wildest dreams.

The more we continue down that path ,the brighter it will become, because we are all more powerful together , destructive on our own.

I like to believe that karma not only works in the negative, but the positive as well. Not that I am referring to myself as a good person, a person’s character speaks for itself without the nonsense of trying to convince the masses of their righteous nature.

Have faith in the good things and the good people in your life. People will never become trustworthy if you don’t learn to trust them. People can’t help you if you won’t let them, just as people can’t love you if you won’t let them.

Wherever you are focused, that’s where you are going.

Have faith in the reality you want to create.

The Car Goes Where the Eyes Go.

4 thoughts on “The One about God, Love, and Catastrophe

  1. A self-deprecating sense of humor is verbal and as with any spoken word, sets the Law of Atttraction in place. The Universe doesn’t comprehend humor, but is merely a neutral energy that responds to every thought…every word we utter. The spoken word is the spoken word and the foundation of all creation (“In the beginning was the Word”)….So you created an accident….thankfully a small one…and the Universe allowed it in order to reflect your words…your thoughts…back to you. However…the Universe, God, Source (I prefer “Papa” just as Jesus did; it is more intimate…but I digress)…That force being pure unconditional love began to respond accordingly the very moment you began expressing gratitude for your life, your blessings, and the love you have freely given and received (Your grandson…being the Earth Angel that he is, opened that door for you.)
    Now it is for you to allow it to remain open, continue to bask in love’s sweet glow (in whatever form it takes)…so that the greatest law in the Universe–the Law of Attraction can continue to work its magic.

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