The One About Technology

Is it just me , or are people starting to get a little “underwhelmed” with technology?
There seems to be a growing trend on social media, of people posting pictures of beautiful isolated log cabins in the mountains that they would love to live in , people cancelling their cable, due to the outrageous rise in cable and internet costs, a backlash against Hollywood’s self righteous, self important brand of pretentiousness and an awakening of the public as far as televised news media outlets being exposed as duping the American public to further their own agendas.
I believe the discovery of a cure for cancer would be just about the only thing technology could accomplish to awe us at this point.
Don’t get me wrong, there are some conveniences that technology has produced that we couldn’t live without at this point, and I am grateful for them.
The aforementioned beautiful log cabins are undoubtedly more expensive than any house I have ever lived in, and they’re hardly the old, worn-out, rough , depressing abodes of “Little House on the Prairie” or anything else from 100- plus years ago.
There are only so many I-Phone updates you can implement, so many shock value series, and so many new inventions you can create, before people lose interest.
If there were some sort of cataclysmic event on this planet, people would have to learn life skills.
How to cook, how to change a tire, how to read and write.
I think people would like to be able to keep some of their modern conveniences , but they’d also like to go back to a simpler time.
Get to know nature, not being bombarded to live beyond their means, and simply enjoy the companionship of their loved ones.
Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about the human race, it’s that we bore easily, we have a short attention span.
And we don’t like to be controlled, we will rebel if things become too expensive, too complex, or too extravagant, and we will start regressing back to a simpler time.

And I think that’s a time most of the population yearns for in the days we are living, in the world we are living in now….

2 thoughts on “The One About Technology

  1. Another nice reflection. I find that nothing beats the feel of a hardcover book in my hands. I’m retraining my minds eye to see again by exposing it to great literature. Aside from a wonderful journey, great authors make us better writers. We can live in that cabin in the woods or on a desolated planet in a far off galaxy and we can take others with us. Keep reflecting. See you down the path.

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    1. I love books, Loren.
      I once said in a Facebook post that I wished Library Dates were a thing, lol
      Or even a reprise of The Dead Posts Society.
      Sometimes my mind becomes so cluttered with the stress of life, that my attention span suffers, and I don’t have enough to devote to a book.
      I’m working on that though, thank you for your comment 😊


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