The One About 2018 (or as I refer to it, “What the Hell was that?”)

2018 was a difficult year for nearly everyone I know, myself included. But I also learned some very valuable lessons. I guess if you can make a positive out of a negative, that’s all that matters.

  • People will come and go from your life . Everyday. Stop labeling the ones who have challenged you as toxic, narcissistic, evil, etc. There’s an old saying that inside every person you know is a person you don’t know, and I guarantee you each of us has been the villain in someone else’s story. Everybody has a light side and a dark side. If having certain people or situations in your life has caused you more pain than joy, then let them go. Move on. There is no need for the manufactured drama.
  • Kids are smarter than we are. We can learn a lot from them.They have more common sense than we do , they are more creative than we are, they are better at having fun than we are, and their hearts are more pure than ours. Don’t dumb them down with an overuse of technology ( the decline of civilization), overzealous obsession with meaningless structure, and over-medicating for everything from ADHD, OCD, etc. before they’re even out of their playpen. Let kids be kids, let them encourage you to be a kid. The wisest people I’ve ever known are my four year old grandson, and my ninety year old deceased grandmother.
  • Sometimes you should just add a little alcohol.
  • Now wait a minute, before I potentially irritate someone, let me explain. Never ever mix alcohol with driving of any kind, if you don’t believe how devastating that can prove to be, refer to my introductory post. I’m not talking about getting embarrassingly fall-down sloppy drunk. Drinking lowers your inhibitions, including the inhibitions of your mind. No, it does not solve problems, but it does allow you to relax and breathe for awhile. To not be so hard on yourself, to take yourself less seriously, to allow yourself to loosen up and enjoy life a little bit, maybe even get a little creative. Not intoxicated.

If you are totally against alcohol of any kind, that’s completely fine.

Remember this post is not titled lessons the world learned in 2018, it’s the lessons I learned, for my benefit, and perhaps for the potential benefit of others as well.

  • When i was young I always hoped I’d be able to afford botox, a face-lift, a nip here , a tuck there, when I entered my mid to late forties.

That’s not quite affordable in the lifestyle and income level I currently am accustomed too, and I guess I’ve made peace with that.

And i find it quite terrifying that even with the abundance of plastic surgery she’s had, Nancy Pelosi looks far worse and more weather- beaten than Keith Richards.

This year has started off with a very peaceful sense of calm that i don’t recall feeling for at least ten years, and i will do everything in my power to keep it that way.

I’m not a fan of overused cliches like “Life is too short to live with regrets”.

But there’s a reason why cliches become cliches, it’s called truth.

And the truth can be a fickle thing.